Health PR, medical marketing + online health content

PR & Communications

Health PR

Health PR builds relationships with prospects, customers and stakeholders. It creates trust and authority in your healthcare brand.

Sales & Marketing

Medical Marketing

Medical marketing and tailored sales strategies extend your reach and help you achieve your business growth and revenue targets.

Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Digital marketing and social media marketing is the fastest and most cost-effective way to grow your patients, clients, customers or community.

Jenny Donnithorne, Managing Director of Mint Health, Medical Marketing Agency

Health PR and medical marketing experts

Mint Health is a boutique Sydney-based healthcare marketing agency specialising in content marketing, social media marketing and digital PR. We’re a team of senior healthcare PR/communication/marketing specialists (including former healthcare writers/reporters and journalists), with team members based in Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth.

We work with healthcare organisations to build brands and profiles, generate leads, build/retain business and increase brand loyalty. We have a deep understanding of the healthcare sector and have worked with a wide range of organisations across a broad range of therapeutic areas to grow healthcare brands, businesses and communities.

Mint Health is a member of the Registered Consultancy Group of the Public Relations Institute of Australia, and our consultants are members of the Australian Medical Writers Association, the Public Relations Institute of Australia, the Australian Marketing Institute and the Mayo Clinic’s Global Social Media Alliance.

We offer services to the healthcare sector in strategic marketing, digital PR, digital/content marketing and social media marketing. This includes specialist expertise in online demand and lead generation. All senior staff are Inbound Marketing Certified with the HubSpot Academy and social media certified with the Mayo Clinic’s Global Social Media Network.


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