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Health PR, medical marketing + online health content

PR & Communications

Health PR

Health PR builds relationships with prospects, customers and stakeholders. It creates trust and authority in your healthcare brand.

Sales & Marketing

Medical Marketing

Medical marketing and tailored sales strategies extend your reach and help you achieve your business growth and revenue targets.

Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Digital marketing and social media marketing is the fastest and most cost-effective way to grow your patients, clients, customers or community.

Jenny Donnithorne, Managing Director of Mint Health, Medical Marketing Agency

Health PR and medical marketing experts

We’re a healthcare communications agency. We only work in health PR and medical marketing at Mint Health.

Hi, I’m Jenny. I lead the team at Mint Health. I’m a former registered nurse, consumer health advocate and passionate health PR consultant and medical marketer.

The mint plant is a great symbol of our work at Mint Health. We’re a small, energetic team that develops fresh, vibrant strategies to help health, medical and wellness brands flourish and grow.

We’re a “hybrid” agency that combines health PR, medical marketing, digital marketing and social media management for health, medical and wellness companies under the one roof.

We work with health, medical and wellness organisations of all shapes and sizes to attract, convert and retain long-term customers.

We help organisations build online communities and relationships between healthcare products and services, and the people that need them.

We’re passionate about health, and love working with organisations committed to building and growing informed and engaged communities.